Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Babies -- all grown up

I thought I better let you all see my kiddos, and for those who haven't seen them in a while, they are truly growing up so fast that I feel like I'm in a whirlwind sometimes! I'll go oldest to youngest (sort of). This is our oldest, Mary (on the left) with her best friend, Athena. They met in kindergarten, and here they are at Megan's graduation party, 2 years as alumni (you are old Mary!) and still friends. They have twin cell phones, so instead of talking, they were of course texting! Actually, I think they were comparing stuff on their phones -- who really knows! Mary is 19, and will be leaving teenage-hood on August 29th. Unbelievable. She is living back at home after a year and a half absence, and we could not be happier. It is SO NICE having her back -- she adds cheer, beautiful food, a little bossiness, and fun conversation! She moved at the end of April, and is planning on either going to SUU in the fall if she can swing it, or back to UNLV. Our second daughter, Megan, graduated a week and a half ago, and this is Will & I grinning at her graduation. (This is while all the grads are walking in --Megan was one of the first since she was an Honors graduate -- and this is after I had had my breakdown while listening to Pomp & Circumstance as she passed by. Once she was in her seat though, I calmed down, and have done fine since!)

An official graduate, Megan (on the far right) with her fabulous group of friends, Rebecca (valedictorian), Larissa (salutatorian and Meg's future roommate at college), Christina, Megan Rochford and Megan Riggs! Meg has been blessed with friends that uplift her and have similar goals for school and life. They are currently having as many movie nights, sleepovers, etc. as possible before they go away to school this fall.

We were so grateful to have Grandma & Grandpa Riggs come, as well as Will's sister Janice and her son, Jared. Meg and Jared were born the same year, and have been close cousins. It was a fun night, and we ended up at Macayo's for dinner afterward. June 10, 2009 (Absent-Mary, who was working; Lizzy, who was up at Girl's Camp)

This is Lizzy, age 14 7/8, at girls camp up our beautiful Mount Charleston at Camp Stimson. She received her Eagle Feather award, which is a big deal in our stake. It is awarded to 4th year girls who have certified all 4 years, and who have completed an overnight hike that you backpack into. I was fortunate to go on that hike with her since they needed chaperones, and it was a wonderful experience. Tough with a 40 lb. pack on my back, but we did it, and not only was it a beautiful hike, it was great to be with these girls and see them rough it and enjoy it! We packed in our tent, and were greatful for it since it was 38 degrees that night! It actually snowed on us the next morning as we were putting our tent away. It was a 6 mile round-trip hike, and I was slow, but steady, and made it! Lizzy did an awesome job -- she left me in the dust, but I still love her. She also had to lead a fireside that night, and planned and ate her meals that she packed in. The next day, we met many from our ward where all the girls would be camping and set up camp. The next week, Lizzy attended camp all week, and these pictures are from June 12, where she received her Eagle Feather award, and also the Bishopbric from our ward came up and cooked our ward dinner. It was a great night.

Oops, forgot to rotate this pic, and I don't know how yet once its been posted. When I learn how, I'll fix it! Below are the girls receiving their Eagle Feather award.

Below, not the picture I meant to pull from, but it works. Will, Bishop Kereczman, Scott Smith and Paul Bean are serving the girls and their leaders.

This is Will with Willie, Nikki and Cami at the Las Vegas Temple. Our ward's primary went on an outing just before Easter this year, and had a great experience. You can click on the pictures if you want to see more detail! (Like Cami's cute crunchy face when it is sunny :)

I'll post more pics of Nikki and Willie later, but Cami just had her 7th birthday, so you see, my babies are all grown up! No more little teeny tinys, but I'm enjoying every moment just the same. Cami is a joy, and we had fun with her Slip 'n Slide birthday party.

She wanted to do a pinata with her friends, and the highlight was our grandpa neighbor, Buff, coming over and hitting it with them! I'll have to throw that picture in later :) This is Cami, whacking the pinata and loving it!

Lizzy and I think Nikki decorated the cake -- isn't it cute? So this wraps up a little about our family right now. Have a great day!


  1. Mary Lynn---I love the blog!! The pictures of your family are absolutely fantastic...and Beautiful! Everyone looks so great...I miss you and your family! You are truly and inspiration to me in so many ways....spiritually & creatively, and dedicated to all the right things!! Love you!! Marjorie

  2. Love the photos - even though this post makes me feel old! It really seems like just yesterday that Mary and Austin were the "little ones" of the neighborhood.