Monday, June 22, 2009

June Stamp Club

June stamp club included these gorgeous pages that I cased from here at Rochelle's site -- thanks Rochelle for making such fun pages! I tweaked the second page, and this time include pictures from our annual friends trip to my in-laws farm from 2007. The area that is tied with ribbon opens up so you can add more journaling and pictures. Some of my girls are adhering that part to the actual page protector on the outside, so that it can be opened without taking the whole page out of the protector. Others are going to xacto knife around it once it is in the page protector -- different strokes for different folks! I love scrapping together because the ideas flow!

Our stamp club is ending for the year in July (actual date: July 6th), and this will make the 3rd annual "Mystery Hostess" month!!! Club members, you will get extra chances at being drawn out as the mystery hostess if you bring your pages from the year with pictures on them! Thus the reason for the pages in the first place! .....Also, you'll get extra tickets for being on time!

If you are interested in being in one of my clubs, or starting one of your own (free stamps for you that do!), contact me! Our clubs will start again in August. FYI, for my original daytime club, November 2009 and February & March of 2010 are taken already, so make your claim quickly if you have a favorite month to be the hostess!

Well, this is the end of my first day of blogging. Soon I will get pictures of my fun kiddos posted, and let you know a little more about our family. Have a blessed night.


  1. Go to bed already...LOL...It's 1:22am and here I am still up too. I had to laugh because I soooo did just this the first day I got my blog. Now I am truly off to bed. Talk to you tomorrow.

  2. Oh yeah December is mine right???

  3. Welcome to the Blogging world!!!!
    Lovin' the blog and really loving the cute pages. Who had the cute idea to pose everyone so that you could get a perfect 'H' for your page? LOVE IT!!!
    See you at the shower tonight :) I'm off to frost the cake!