Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Last day of school! I'm happy and sad...

Well, a day that I dread and celebrate has come and gone once again, and I got by relatively easily! I don't have one graduating from high school, BUT I do have Nikki who is leaving Ruth Fyfe Elementary and moving on to Hyde Park next year -- I'll only have one left in elementary. Weird. I dread the end of the school year because I'll miss my kids' teachers so much, and it is hard to find a way to let them know how much I appreciate all they do for and with my kiddos. BUT I am happy because I love my kids being home! It is a reprieve from all the driving here and there to concerts, sporting events, dinners, etc. etc. etc. I love the activities during the school year, but it also nice to have a break from them! Happy and sad.....So below is Nikki getting her straight "A" Honor Roll award, and to brag on her just a bit, she also got the Top AR Reader for her entire school -- way to go Nikki! She is following in her sister Lizzy's footsteps, and I am so proud of her. I should have cropped the picture above, but oh well! My friend told me pictures from the back of the room are better, but with my little cheap-o camera, I found that I couldn't zoom in without getting fuzzy pics. So, Nikki is in the middle shaking her teacher's hand and getting her award. Below, Nikki & I made these little jars for her 3 female teachers (they rotate classes in 5th grade in our school). Nikki did the vinyl flowers, and I made the flowers on the sticks. I've seen these for years on blogs and at convention, but never actually made them myself. EASY, cute and quick to do -- we whipped these out in under an hour. Good thing too since we made them this morning :)
The flowers are 2 punched pieces of DSP, glued to the stick, and have 3 dimensionals between them to keep them sturdy and separated. I put beans in the bottom to hold the sticks (I thought they looked a little like dirt, so it works for the flower theme). The teachers loved them, and Nikki signed the back of the yellow flower. I just wish that I would have put some ribbon around the tops of the jars. I purchased the 3 jars at Wal-Mart --they come packaged together in a 3-pack.
Above, Nikki and her friends together for the last time (at least through middle school -- they could all end up at the same high school). With all the magnet schools, they are going their separate ways. Most of these girls have known each other since they were in kindergarten or before. Below, Cami with her two teachers -- they team taught, and have for a while. They are so so so wonderful with their students, and I learned to love them! They let us come in to the classroom on Friday (for Cami's birthday) and teach the class how to make homemade rootbeer and homemade ice cream. And Will did a magic show while the root beer was "cooking". Such a fun day. Got to love teachers that let kids really learn.
Thanks to all teachers out there who do their job because you love it -- we all know it isn't for the money! One reason we have stayed in Las Vegas is because we have found that about 95% (or more!) of the teachers who have taught our children are great, loving people who do their job very well. Thank you, thank you teachers and administrators who do the right thing for the right reason! You make a huge difference in our children's lives!


  1. I can't believe she is leaving Elementary school! How did that happen? I love how they had the kids sit on stage so you could actually see them :)
    Cami's teachers are the best!! I love those two and I hope they stick around for Marcus :)

  2. Came across this blog posting as I was checking out Ruth Fyfe Elementary school for my kids. Ironically, your little girl should be graduating high school by now! How time flies :) Best wishes!