Friday, October 16, 2009

BYU-I here we come!

Megan has been at college now for about 6 weeks, and is doing fabulously by the way, but I can't not post some fun pictures and tell you all how great that experience was! I totally thought I would be a mess leaving one of my babies so far away from home, but actually it was one of the coolest experiences of my life!

Meg is rooming with a classmate from Western HS, Larissa, and so she wasn't stressed too much about being lonely in Rexburg. But she did have a couple of sleepless nights just before we actually got there! ANTICIPATION. Will & I took her up, and we took 5 days to get there and back so we could take it slow and make it memorable. We stayed at Grandma & Grandpa Thornton's on the way up for a night, and at my sister Carol's home for a night, and just had so much fun visiting. We ended up kidnapping Aunt Carol and taking her with us to Rexburg, and what a blast having her with us! We spent the night before Megan could check in to her dorm in Idaho Falls, and our hotel was fabulous!!! We looked out our window, and saw the Idaho Falls Temple right there -- gorgeous.

Meg with Aunt Carol standing in front of the beautiful falls.
So here we are at Megan's dorm! We went there the night before to scope it out, and she knew she wanted to be early so she and Larissa could get the room that had best layout (sneaky girl!). And so we were there bright and early and...stood in line FOREVER in the cold to get her key. Well, she was the first one in because she couldn't get her picture taken for her ID because she was wearing flip flops -- BYU-I has strict regulations about what can be worn as a student, and flip flops are not approved -- go figure. But due to that oversight, she had to skip the pictures and so went right to the key line, and got to be first into her dorm. She was happy.

Their dorms are actually quite snazzy! 2 bedrooms, so only 4 room together -- that cuts out a lot of problems right away! I think it's easier to share a bathroom with less :) Plus they have a full living room and a nice size kitchen with lots of cupboard space! The bedrooms are cool because they get a full size desk under their bunks. Nothing like my dorm my first year at college. It is like a real apartment instead of a dorm. Made Mom (me) feel better about leaving her daughter to fend for herself! We stayed long enough to shop for food, get her groceries put away, help her & Larissa figure out how to make those top bunks up, and get her computer hooked up and functioning. Then we were out of there!

Below is the last picture I have of Meg in my mind, and it's a great one because she is where she should be. She has had this goal for such a long time, it is GREAT to see her accomplish getting to college. We are proud of you Meg!!!

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  1. YAY for Megan! She looks so happy and I'm so happy for her. I'm totally impressed that you held up so well :)