Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Celebration

Megan came home from her two week Church History Tour, and made her appearance right in the middle of our block party! Talk about a grand entrance. We are all so happy to have her back home, but she says back east was the bomb! She especially loved seeing "Wicked" in New York last week -- something she has been waiting for for a long time. Below, Meg, Mary and Lizzy have a group hug! :)
We had a super-fun 4th of July Horn St. Block Party tonight! 35th Annual (our 9th living here in this great neighborhood), and it was fabuloso! Chuck A. & Doris, Chuck B. & Karol, and Chuck C. & Jan are our across-the-street neighbors, and along with the Daryl & Ann, we have the best "Las Vegas Grandparents" possible. They have been "four-in-a-row" neighbors for 35+ years, and are the catalysts behind this awesome neighborhood. Chuck A. & Doris, along with new neighbor Richard, fire up the grill here: This is me, Will, Cami, Mary A., Nikki and two neighbors, Hailey & our new neighbor. We are standing around Will's homemade rootbeer waiting for it to finish "cooking".
The kids played volleyball at the corner where we blocked off the street with the net. Here is Willie serving up the ball! Also pictured are friends Hailey, Reese & Sky.
Time to eat! A group picture with samples from the Jennings, Smith, Bufalino, Riggs and Tillmond family. We all bring our own meat, and one pot-luck dish. Great food, better visiting.
It's time for the watermelon-eating contest! The younger group goes first:
Then the older group! Except they were joined by a couple of younger ones that didn't want to join in at first, then saw all the fun and jumped in with this group:
The winners: (They couldn't leave ANY red :)
I did it again! I forgot to flip this picture before I posted it! If anyone knows how to flip it once it is posted, please let me know! I'm still relatively new to this blogging, and am just in "basics" stage (hee hee). This is Willie (aka Pyro kid) loving the sparkler. It was the prequel to the next hour and a half of setting off the bigger fireworks. He loved it! (LATER) - OK, I edited this post, but it adds the pictures to the top, so the correct way is up there.
What a great night. We sat out on the street visiting until after 11 p.m. That is what a neighbor-hood should be like, in my humble opinion, and I am so very grateful to live where we do.


  1. Great photos and a great party!

  2. Looks like you all had a great time!!! Brings tears to my eyes to see the Ankemans....Ill never forget Chuck bringing the pineapple upside down cake to my Dads funeral for him....for the last time, he said. What a wonderful street you live on!!! Send my love...